a new gem

She arrived, safe and sound, Monday night.

The Little One's face has pretty much been frozen in this expression since:

(For those who are wondering, she came on her own, mere hours before I was scheduled to be induced. Phew!)


  1. congratulations! what a precious time in your lives...

  2. So the little dress *was* a sign of things to come! Congratulations on your sweet little girl!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to you all. I'm so glad to hear it all went well.

    A girl! Hooray! I know we "say" that it doesn't matter but when you are thinking your family may be complete, it's really fantastic to have the genders balance up a bit.

  4. congratulations!!!!! how completely and utterly adorable. you must be so incredibly happy. (and i see that she is decked out in not 1 but 2 knits in the top picture!)

  5. Huge congrats!! She is so Beautiful! The knits are nice as well. :)